How to Decrypt/Rip/Copy Marvel DVD Movies on PC/Mac?

Captain America, The Fantastic Four, X-Men, Spider-Man etc, all of these movies belong to Marvel movies. Marvel movies has becomes more and more popular not only in kids but also in adult, not only in men but also in women. Thanks to the popularity of the Marvel movies, Marvel DVD movies also become popular. For Marvel movies fans, you may have collected hundreds of Marvel DVD movies, then it would become a troublesome if you still use DVD player to watch Marvel DVD movies on TV.

In fact, there is a more convenient way for you to watch your Marvel DVD collections, that is ripping/copying Marvel DVD movies to portable devices or storage devices for watching freely. However, Marvel DVD movies adopt the DVD encryption tech., so you should decrypt the copy protection firstly, and then rip/copy Marvel DVD with a DVD ripper. Here, I suggest you to use Pavtube ByteCopy for Windows (or Pavtube ByteCopy for Mac) to decrypt/rip/copy Marvel DVD movies.(Top 3+3 DVD rippers review)

What Pavtube ByteCopy can do for you?

1.It can remove all Marvel DVD movies’ encryption, such as Captain America, The Fantastic Four, X-Men, Spider-Man etc.
2. It can also remove DVD copy protections, region code, Disny code, Warner Bros and WD copy protection etc.
3. “Directly Copy” will help you to 100% backup the intact main movie of Marvel DVD.
4. “Copy the entire disc” will support 1:1 backup the whole Marvel movie with original structure and chapter mark.
5. Convert Marvel DVD to numbers of media players in optimized format, like iPhone 6s/Plus, iPad Pro, MacBook Air, PS4, etc.
6. Convert Marvel DVD to numbers of storage devices, like Synology NAS, WD EX2 Cloud Storage etc.
7. Supported Windows OS: Windows 2003/XP/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 8.1/Windows 10
8. Supported Mac OS: Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan, 10.10 Yosemite, 10.9 Mavericks, 10.8 Mountain Lion, 10.7 Lion, Snow Leopard10.6, Leopard 10.5.

Free download and install for Windows:

Other Download:
– Pavtube old official address:
– Cnet Download:

Steps to Decrypt/Rip/Copy Marvel DVD Movies on PC/Mac

PS. The following steps use screenshots on Windows version as sample, Mac users can following the same steps.

Step 1. Load Marvel DVD Movies

Insert Marvel DVD Movies into disc drive. Click “Load from Disc” button to browse to disc drive and import source movie into this app. You can also directly drag and drop the files to the app.

Step 2: Copy DVD movies in different ways.

1. Make a full disc copy:

By hitting the icon on the top tool bar of the main interface to make a full disc copy.

2. Backup main contents of disc

From “Format” bar, select “Copy” > “Direct Copy” to copy the main movie of the DVD disc.

3. Backup to device compatible popular file formats:

Click “Format” bar to select optimized formats for your final devices or “HD Video” > “H.264 HD Video(*.mp4)” as output format to store on storage device. So that you can transfer the converted videos to any media players for playing freely.

Step 3: Start to convert

Press right-bottom “Convert” button on the main interface to start decrypt/rip/copt Marvel DVD movies process.

Now, you can easily decrypt/rip/copy hundreds of Marvel DVD Movies on PC/Mac to Seagate Wireless Plus for enjoying with your family on all devices you want. Or, you can transfer to USB Flash Drive to watch on laptop during traveling.

Upcoming Marvel Movies Lists in 2016

February 12, 2016 – Deadpool

Ryan Reynolds will reprise his role from X-Men Origins: Wolverine as the Merc with a Mouth. The film is set to tie into the timeline of the X-Men movie universe and likely will have implications for the rumored X-Force film.

March 25, 2016 – Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice

The highly anticipated feature-length film will feature DC’s Trinity, Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman appearing together for the first time ever.

May 6, 2016 – Captain America: Civil War

Following the events of The Age of Ultron, the collective governments of the world pass an act designed to regulate all superhuman activity. This polarizes opinion amongst the Avengers, cause two factions that side with Iron Man (pro registration) or side with Captain America (anti registration) which causes an epic conflict between former allies.

May 27, 2016 – X-Men: Apocalypse

Bryan Singer will direct and produce his follow-up to X-Men: Days of Future Past, which will star Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique, Evan Peters as Quicksilver, Nicholas Hoult as Beast, Channing Tatum as Gambit, Michael Fassbender as Magneto, James McAvoy as Professor Charles Xavier and Hugh Jackman as Wolverine.

August 5, 2016 – Suicide Squad

Also known as Task Force X, Suicide Squad is a team of imprisoned super-villains who perform high-risk missions for the U.S. Government in exchange for commuted sentences. The team is run by Dr. Amanda Waller, and their operation is based out of Belle Reve penitentiary.

The film will star two-time Oscar nominee Will Smith as Deadshot; Tom Hardy as Rick Flag; Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn; Oscar winner Jared Leto as the Joker; Jai Courtney as Boomerang; and Cara Delevingne as Enchantress.

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