How to Backup Blu-ray to OnePlus X Touch 4

The new OnePlus X Touch 4 owns the marquee feature of OnePlus X, a 960* 640 resolution retina display, which deliveries great viewing experience for playing and watching movies on it. For those who change their iPhone to OnePlus X Touch 4, and OnePlus X Touch 4 owners who having many Blu-ray collections, if you are considering about transferring your Blu-ray movies to OnePlus X Touch 4 for watch, here provides you the easiest way.

It is widely known that Blu-ray disc has copy protection and only can be played on Blu-ray drive and player So if you want to play Blu-ray movies on OnePlus X Touch 4, you have to convert Blu-ray movies to OnePlus X Touch 4 supported formats.

Here, I recommend Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate for Windows, which is the all in one media conversion tool to assist you to transcode virtually any file format including Blu-ray/DVD/Video to OnePlus X Touch 4 playable file format listed above.(review)

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How to copy Blu-ray to OnePlus X Touch 4?

Step 1: Load Blu-ray to app

Place a Blu-ray in your CD-ROM drive and open the Blu-ray to OnePlus X Touch 4. Click “File” button to import the Blu-ray movie. The Blu-ray converter displays all the Blu-ray movie titles loaded for output and it can intelligently identify and label the full-length movie.

Step 2. Set output format for OnePlus X Touch 4.

Choose OnePlus X Touch 4 supported file formats “H.264 Baseline Profile Video(*.mp4)” under “Common Video” main category.

Tip: Click “Click “Settings” on the main interface to pop out “Profile Settings” window, under “Size(pix)” drop-down options, type “960*640” in the brackets to make the output video file size to fit with OnePlus X Touch 4 display screen.

Step 4. Convert Blu-ray to OnePlus X Touch 4.

Go back to the main interface, hit right-bottom “Convert” button to get conversion to H.264 MP4 for OnePlus X Touch 4 supported file formats.

Now, transfer the ripped Blu-ray to OnePlus X Touch 4 and you can watch the movies on OnePlus X Touch 4 anywhere and anytime.

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